Martine, OECD staff


"OECD statistics reflect the evolving need for reliable cross-country indicators for policy-makers and the world at large. As former Counsellor to the OECD Chief Economist and Deputy-Head of the Secretary General's Private Office, I witnessed the increasing demand for new structural indicators in key policy areas such as competition, trade, education and environment.

As Deputy-Director of Labour and Social Affairs, I had the privilege to interact with many players in the fields of employment, family and children, health and immigration policies to develop a range of social statistics.

These experiences are invaluable as I take up my new role as OECD Chief Statistician where I am responsible for moving forward the agenda of measuring the well-being and progress of societies to better reflect individuals' living conditions beyond economic aggregates, such as GDP."


Current Role:

Director and Chief Statistician

Academic Qualifications:

Diplôme de statistician-économiste
Ecole Nationale de la Statistique et de l'Administration-Economique (France)

MA in Mathematics
University of Wisconsin-Madison (USA)


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