Mar, OECD staff


"I started my professional life on an academic path, but I soon realized that I preferred to be involved in the implementation of practical solutions to emerging global challenges.  OECD is a leading organisation in identifying emerging issues, while  offering a forum to develop strategic solutions to global concerns.


I joined OECD in 2004 and have been part of this effort, which is rewarding. But the multicultural and multidisciplinary aspect of the work environment, gives me the chance to continue to grow professionally and personally. I have been involved in the safety of emerging and converging technologies, such as biotechnology and nanotechnology, and have had the chance to put into practice globally harmonized policy measures to address potential safety concerns.


Part of my work has also been to widen our OECD networks to other international organisations, such as FAO, UNEP, UNITAR and other UN organisations. This  ensures that the work that we do is also relevant to emerging economies and countries with economies in transition. OECD has high quality standards, which makes the daily work intense and challenging, but equally gratifying."


Current role:

Senior Policy Analyst Safety of Manufactured Nanomaterials


Academic Qualifications:

Biosafety Diploma (Postgraduate)
United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) 
University of Concepción (Chile)

MA in Biotechnological Law and Ethics
Sheffield University (UK)

BA in Physical Anthropology
National School of Anthropology and History INAH (Mexico).


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