Make your way


We work at the OECD in a co-operative, collaborative, and respectful environment. Our people are typically recruited with a high level of education and experience in their field, however in a knowledge-based organisation such as this; everybody must acquire new skills and knowledge to meet the changing requirements of current assignments or to move forward in their career. This is an environment where continuous growth is a requirement. 

Growth comes in a variety of different ways which do include formal training, however the most valuable learning happens every day through the informal mentoring and guidance you receive from your colleagues and through the people you will meet and work with on the job.

Working together with men and women with a broad range of expertise and experience from different parts of the world, your colleagues will help you to achieve the highest level of performance and we expect you to share your knowledge, experience and initiative too.

You will be expected to be active in your development however it is in our interest to support and nurture your growth. We will help you to obtain and maintain the mix of skills and knowledge needed for the OECD to accomplish its mission and objectives through:

  • a wealth of knowledge, skills and expertise in your colleagues - they are your primary resource;
  • training programmes in information technology, communications, management, statistics and languages;
  • the OECD Library and Archives - a highly valued partner in research at the OECD. Many resources, from historical publications and rare books to a rapidly expanding network of digital resources, are at your service with personalized training sessions, tailored to your research interests;
  • performance reviews and regular feedback key to recognising your skills, strengths, challenges, interests and goals to help you develop new talents and deepen your capabilities and knowledge.










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