Josep, OECD staff




"During my first year I have worked on a project on migrant entrepreneurship in OECD countries and their contribution to employment creation as well as on a review of labour migration policies. Being able to work in an international environment at the OECD where exciting research and policy relevant analysis are carried out is an invaluable experience. The Young Professional Programme provided me a unique learning opportunity that I would recommend to any empirical researcher at an early stage in their professional career."



Current role:

Young Professional in International Migration
Research Officer 
Centre for Research and Analysis of Migration (CReAM)
Economics Department, University College London (UK)

Academic Qualifications:

"Ph.D. in Economics
University College London (UK)

MA in Economics
Unversitat Pompeu Fabra (Spain)

BA in Economics
Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Spain) "


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