Ignazio, OECD alumni


"During my stay in Paris particular attention was given to the Asian financial crisis, to the long period of deflation in Japan, to labour market conditions in Europe, to issues related to climate change and sustainable development. The emergence of what started to be called the “new economy”, stemming from the ICT revolution, and the identification of the sources of economic growth, the opportunities and challenges of an increasingly open “global” economic environment with the rapid emergence of new global players, the policy implications of demographic developments with rapidly ageing populations and the acceleration of immigration flows, were all fields where substantial, useful and - I would say - unique work was provided by the OECD staff.


These fields still have a very important place in my research and policy agenda and I have very much benefited from what I learned at the OECD. In my capacity as an international civil servant, I have been fortunate to interact with notable policy makers and advisers, many of them still colleagues and friends today. And, notwithstanding the occasional unavoidable political, budgetary and communication challenges, I still have memories of a very pleasant working atmosphere and feel very much rewarded by the opportunity of having worked with so many talented and motivated economists, analysts, assistants and support staff for the common good of international cooperation and development."


Current role:

Deputy Director General, Bank of Italy, Chairman of the International Relations Committee of the European System of Central Banks (ESCB); member of the G-7 Deputies, the G-20 Deputies, the EU Economic and Financial Committee, and the OECD Economic Policy Committee's Working Party 3; alternate member of the BIS Board of Directors

Prior role at OECD:

Chief Economist


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