How we recruit


Current vacancies

We publish new job opportunities almost every week. They remain available on our site for four weeks at a time. Initial appointments are for a fixed term, which can be two or three years, following which an extension may be given based on performance and organisational needs.


At, you can register/login (or sign up for email alerts) and apply for current job vacancies. Please note that the Organisation only accepts on-line applications.

For any questions or technical difficulties, please send us an e-mail.


WARNING: recruitment fraud

Please be advised that this website provides the authorised means to apply for jobs at the OECD; other advertised methods for applying for jobs at the OECD should be regarded as potentially fraudulent (especially if they charge a fee as part of the recruitment process, which the OECD never does). If you become aware of any such activity, please send an email with the details to The OECD may occasionally use the services of other websites or recruitment services to promote vacancies available through this website and to identify potential candidates. If you wish to confirm the validity of such services, please send an email to

Entry level opportunities

  • OECD Young Professionals Programme

The OECD Young Professionals Programme is designed to bring entry-level professionals with diverse backgrounds into the Organisation, please click here  for further information.


  • Junior Professional Officers (JPO)

We also welcome Junior Professional Officers (JPO) who are sponsored by their respective governments. This programme offers an excellent opportunity for people at the start of their career to gain an international experience and perspective. If you are interested, please visit the JPOs Service Centre website ( and refer to the office in charge of this programme in your respective country.


Short term opportunities

We recruit temporary staff  to meet specific needs on a short-term basis.

  • For students

We host approximately 200 internships a year, providing students with an invaluable insider experience of the OECD.


  • How to prepare
Further information on the whole recruitment process and advice on how to prepare for a panel interview at the OECD.


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