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How can I apply?

To apply for a position at the OECD, you first need to register and create your personal profile via our online recruitment system, entering your experience, qualifications obtained, three references and a motivation letter, and then answer a few short questions to complete your application. Once completed and submitted, you will receive a confirmation of your application by email.

All our vacancies are posted on the OECD Careers’ site and applications may only be submitted through the  online recruitment system. Please note that any other source or website asking for your application details is fraudulent.


When will I hear about my application?

Feedback on the status of applications is provided only once the recruitment process is completed. No information concerning the status of your application will be communicated by phone or e-mail.


What are the main steps of the recruitment process?

After the job vacancy closes for applications, the hiring team reviews applications and invites shortlisted candidates to take a recorded video interview for certain vacancies, a written test and sit a panel interview, in the OECD premises in Paris or remotely. Interviewed candidates are informed of the status of their application once the selection process is approved internally. 


Do I have to sit tests?

For most jobs, candidates should expect to take a written test if their application is retained. A test is typically done remotely beforehand, or at the OECD premises the day of your interview. Tests generally consist of case studies on relevant policy issues, briefing notes to senior officials, policy recommendations on specific topics essays or mathematical and econometrical exercises, depending on the role. 


What is a video recorded interview and how can I prepare for it?

A recorded video interview is an intermediate step of the selection process. This interview is asynchronous and can be completed online, on your laptop or through other devices (tablet, smartphone).
If your profile is retained, you will receive an invitation by email to complete your online recorded video interview and submit it before a pre-defined deadline. Your internet bandwidth, sound and webcam equipment will be tested, and you can practise before starting the real interview.
The purpose of this interview is to gain a better understanding of your background, experience and motivation for the position.
We recognise that this format may be new to some candidates and some candidates may be nervous about recording an interview. We take this into consideration when reviewing the interviews.


What is a panel interview and how can I prepare for it?

Whether in a face-to-face interview at OECD headquarters in Paris or by video-conference, you will be seen by a recruitment panel, typically composed of the hiring manager, a representative from the human resources services and from another related directorate. The OECD  aims to have gender and nationality/cultural diversity on each interview panel.

Generally, the interview lasts 45-60 minutes and aims to ascertain your knowledge and competencies required for the job via a number of questions, often starting with an overview question on your background.

You may consider the following points to prepare your interview:

-    Try to link your qualifications to the requirements of the position: explain how your experience is relevant in the context of an international organisation and the specific job you are applying for at the OECD.

-    Use concrete terms and specific examples from your experience to illustrate your points, your role (in a project, a team...), your achievements, etc. This is especially important when answering behaviour-based questions.

-    Make sure you are aware of your strengths and development areas.

-    You will normally be given some time at the end of the interview to ask questions. It is a good idea to have thought through one or two questions, demonstrating that you are prepared and motivated.


For high level positions, is there an assessment centre?

Yes,  assessment centres are typically used as part of the evaluation for high level positions.


Does the OECD carry out reference checks?

Yes, the OECD carries out reference checks before a final recruitment decision is taken. Please confirm to the hiring manager at the end of the panel interview that we may contact your references.


When I submit my application, is the information in my application kept confidential?

The OECD takes great care to insure complete confidentiality and data protection during the whole recruitment process. Please note that only hiring managers for the respective recruitment procedure and the HR representatives have access to your personal data. For further information concerning data protection issues please refer to our Data protection policy.



I have forgotten my password and cannot access my candidate profile, what should I do?

If you have forgotten your user name or password, please click on either “forgot your user name?” or “forgot your password?” on the login page and follow the instructions. 



What sections should I complete to submit my application?

Once you have identified a job opening that interests you, click on “apply”.

If you are already registered, you will be prompted to enter your login and password at this stage.  Otherwise you can create an account by clicking on “New User”.

You will then need to complete your personal information, your academic qualifications and work experience. Please note that the first work experience should be your most recent one.

You will also be asked to provide three references, answer a few short questions and add a motivation letter.


Once you have clicked on “Submit”, you will receive a confirmation of your application by email. Please note you can still modify the different sections of your application until the publication end date and time, indicated on the job list page. Unless otherwise stated, our job vacancies close at midnight, Paris time, on the publication end date.


How can I set up email alerts to receive updates on job vacancies?

Once your profile is created, sign in and click on “Create/Modify my profile”. Under the section “Job Alerts Preferences”, you may add or remove job families that interest you.

Note that after a period of 2 years, email alerts are automatically deactivated. Please make sure you regularly update your email alert preferences to continue receiving notifications from the system.



I no longer want to receive email alerts. What should I do?

You may click on “my account options” and then “Edit” at “Correspondence/Job Notification”


Please untick the box: “Send me an email notification whenever a new position matching my profile is posted (job posting notification)”



My nationality is not listed, what should I do?

If you do not find your nationality under “OECD Citizenship”, please select ‘Not applicable' and enter your nationality under “Other Citizenship, if applicable”


My university is not listed, what should I do?

If your institution is not listed, please select ‘Other Institution’ and provide the name in the field “Other institution”.


I have already submitted an on-line application form. I wish to update my application and/or apply for another vacancy. What should I do?

To edit your application, please return to your profile and click on “My Jobpage”, then “View/Edit Submission”. Note that our job vacancies typically close at midnight, Paris time.  To make sure you meet the deadline, we encourage you to submit you application before the publication end date.

When editing your submission, please make sure you go through all the sections and click on “submit” at the end.


I am receiving a “Page Not Found” error when trying to access my application.

This message indicates that the application is currently not available and you should try later – this should not occur often but there is maintenance applied sometimes that results in the application being down temporarily.  Also network problems at the candidate site may cause the system to be unavailable.


I changed my language preferences and now my application is not showing my old changes.

You should always access the system in the same language.  If you change between English and French your profile may be incomplete.  The profiles may be reviewed from the English page and the French page.  Your General profile will only be copied the first time the system is accessed. 


My CV/Profile filled in a field, but the application will not accept the answer.

Sometimes a field is successfully filled in from your CV or LinkedIn/Indeed profile, but the application does not accept the answer even if it is valid. In this case, you should re-enter the answer and ensure that the application fills it from a list of pre-validated answers.


I changed my general profile, but the information did not change in my applications.

Your general profile will populate an application only the first time you have changed it. If you make changes to your general profile after you have opened an application, you will have to go to the application and make the changes there as well.


For any other queries please write to Please make sure you mention the purpose of your enquiry and the vacancy reference in the title of your message.


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