Enrico, OECD alumni


"Everyone can easily find on the Internet national statistics on Gross Domestic Product (GDP). But if you want to know whether the difference between rich and poor people is widening or narrowing in OECD countries, how students perform, what is the state of health systems, or if the environmental conditions are improving or worsening, then you have to go to the OECD statistical web portal and publications.


These data don't come from heaven, but they are the result of the joint effort of some of the best world experts in statistical measurement and analysis, who work together as part the OECD network. This effort has built over time the Organisation's reputation as one of the most innovative developers and communicators of statistics worldwide. But this is a never ending story, so new measurement challenges are emerging and new tools can be used to help policy makers and citizens to use statistics and take better decisions.


This is why the OECD is now developing new statistics on biotechnology, globalisation, societal progress etc., but also new visualisation and knowledge building tools. This is why working to improve OECD statistics is a challenging and rewarding experience. My time at the OECD was the most interesting and rewarding phase of my professional life. I learned so many things and now, as President of the Italian Statistical Office, I am putting them in to practice."



Current role:

President of the Italian National Statistics Institute (ISTAT)


Prior role at OECD:

Director of the OECD Statistics Directorate and Chief Statistician


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