Diversity of backgrounds


The diversity of our people is one of our core strengths.

Our different backgrounds provide the OECD with the range of expertise and experience necessary to respond to the challenges of economic and social development that have now become more global.

The OECD brings people together who have distinct knowledge, skills, and backgrounds. Men and women who may have different visions of the world which, when combined, make for a more dynamic, effective Organisation and guarantee the relevance of the OECD’s contribution to the international policy debate.

We value the different views, ideas and perspective our people bring as this strengthens the intellectual base of the OECD and enriches the policy debate. We are convinced the diversity of our backgrounds fosters innovative thinking and provides the organisational agility we need to respond to the requirements of our member countries.

Our people have a broad range of academic and professional backgrounds from across the world.  They come to the OECD from various sectors at different points in their career and we learn from working alongside each other.

By combining our strengths and incorporating different perspectives we are better equipped to tackle the complex problems of today and tomorrow and to bring forward better solutions.










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