Car purchase and registration


Non-French officials holding a "Titre de séjour spécial" are entitled to purchase a motor vehicle free of customs duties and taxes.

Such vehicles are registered through the BIPD in the special series "402 CD" or "402 K" (depending on the official's grade) specific to the Organisation. Married officials of grade A4 or L4 and above are entitled to register a second vehicle on "CD" plates, provided their spouse also holds a Titre de séjour spécial.

Only the owner and members of his family holding a "Titre de séjour spécial" are allowed to drive the car registered on green plates.

Resale of cars registered with green plates is not possible before two years.

When requesting the registration of a new or second-hand car  in the OECD special series, buyers agree to keep the car for at least 2 years. They cannot dispose of it before this period and if they do, they will not be entitled to buy another tax-free car nor register it with green plates.

If you have imported a vehicle, you must register it through the BIPD within three months of your arrival. In order to do this, the vehicle must be insured with a French insurance company or a foreign company accredited in France.

The Office of Privileges and Immunities can provide a list of certain car dealers who can offer a special deduction on the purchase of a new car for all OECD officials.


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