Angel Gurría Secretary-General of the OECD


"The OECD’s core mission is to support our member and partner countries in the design and implementation of effective policies for economic growth, social development and environmental sustainability. We do this by comparing experiences and sharing know-how in practically all areas of public policy, dealing with the most important issues of our time: the global financial crisis, climate change, migration, inequality, and others.


Our central aim is to help countries build a stronger, cleaner and fairer global economy. To do this, the OECD is evolving into a more open and inclusive organisation. This has been one of my top priorities as Secretary General. Finding solutions to pressing global challenges demands collective responses. We believe that the best way to achieve this is through inclusive multilateral cooperation, based on systematic dialogue, peer pressure and rigorous technical analysis.


The world has changed. The OECD is changing with it. Today, diversity is our strength. As we welcome new members and enhance our cooperation with emerging economies and developing countries, our perspective is enriching, our capacity to bring out innovative solutions is expanding. We are becoming more relevant, supporting the work on new cooperation schemes like the G20, in closer coordination with other international organisations.


This increasing relevance is driven by the minds of the women and men who make up our Organisation’s Secretariat. Their talent is our best comparative advantage. They are our greatest resource.


I invite you to join us in our endeavour, and take part in making a difference."


Angel Gurría



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