Amanda, OECD alumni


 "I came to the OECD on secondment from the NZ Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, where I had been responsible for coordinating OECD work with other government departments.  The quality research and peer review mechanism provided by the OECD has always been particularly useful for reform-minded countries wishing to engage on best practice policies.


From a personal perspective, seeing the workings of an international organisation from the inside was incredibly valuable. This experience has been most helpful in my current role as Lead Specialist in Gender and Development at the World Bank Group where I am leading aresearch program across 180 countries and previously at the International Finance Corporation where I founded the gender unit.


I have continued to stay engaged with the OECD, sitting on the international advisory panel on women's entrepreneurship and recently co-hosting a research meeting on gender and development issues with the DAC. "


Current role:

Lead Specialist, World Bank Group Gender Action Plan

Prior role at OECD:

Consultant in the OECD Trade Directorate then the Liaison and Co-ordination Unit, Office of the Secretary-General.


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