Advice to OECD applicants


Shortlisted candidates

  • The timeline for recruitment varies greatly depending on the post.  It often takes several weeks from the closing date before shortlisted candidates are contacted for interview.

Interviews: what to expect and how to prepare

Whether in a face-to-face interview at our headquarters in Paris or by video-conferencing, you will be seen by a recruitment panel, typically composed of the hiring manager, a human resources representative, as well as one or two persons from another sector of the hiring Directorate or even of the Organisation.   We aim at gender and geographically diversified panels.

Generally, the interview lasts 45-60 minutes and covers the knowledge and competencies needed in the job through a number of questions, often starting with an overview question on your background.

  • Make sure you know your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Participate by asking thoughtful questions about the position for which you are being interviewed.  You will normally be given some time at the end of the interview to ask questions.
  • You may wish to practice the interview.
  • Use concrete terms and specific examples from your experience to illustrate your points, your role (in a project, a team...), your achievements, etc., especially when answering behaviour-based questions.
  • Try to link your qualifications to the requirements of the position: explain how your experience is relevant in the context of an international organisation and the specific job you are applying for at the OECD.


For most jobs, candidates should expect to take a written test as part of the selection process. Tests may be designed as case studies on relevant policy issues,  briefing notes to senior officials, policy recommendations on specific topics, essays or mathematical and econometrical exercises etc, depending on the role.

They may be done as a preliminary exercise by email or in conjunction with panel interviews in Paris.

Contact points

If you still have questions or a problem, please e-mail the Recruitment team at .


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