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 "As one of the 19 founding members of the OECD, Canada has greatly benefited from and contributed to the OECD over the past 50 years", says Judith A. LaRocque, Canadian Ambassador to the OECD.

"Canada’s contributions extend beyond sharing our policy experience. Several prominent Canadians have held leading roles at the OECD. Canadian Donald Johnston was the first non-European to serve as secretary-general. Canadians currently chair several important OECD committees and working parties, including the Economic Development and Review Committee. Canada has hosted many important OECD meetings, including the first-ever ministerial meeting on e-commerce and the launch of the revised Jobs Strategy in 2006. Canada has also played a prominent role in helping the OECD to strengthen its relations with global players.

On the occasion of the OECD’s 50th anniversary, Canada looks forward to playing an active role in shaping its next 50 years."

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OECD and Canada : Celebrating 50 years of co-operation, by Judith A. LaRocque, Canadian Ambassador to the OECD;
For a better future, by Donald Johnston, Secretary-General of the OECD, 1996-2006;
Canada's economy, Interview with James M.Flaherty, Minister of Finance, Canada;
50 years of productive partnership, by William R. White, Chair, OECD Economic Development and Review Committee;
Innovation: Opportunities without frontiers, with Ilse Treurnicht and Andy Wyckoff;
Education: Bridging the classroom divide, with Andrew Parkin;
Fisheries: The lessons of the Grand Banks;
Bench strength: Winter Olympics 2010, with John Furlong;
A labour market with few wrinkles, with John Martin;
50 years of trade and co-operation: Work in progress, by Ken Ash, Director, OECD Trade and Agriculture Directorate;
Oil sands: Full of energy?

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