About the Central Purchasing Group


Overview of the goals, structure and business framework of the OECD Central Purchasing Group (CPG)

The OECD's Central Purchasing Group is responsible for procuring goods and services which provide the best overall value for the Organisation while ensuring quality and reliability.


The main goals of the Central Purchasing Group are:

  • Centralise and establish all OECD purchase orders and contracts including all intellectual services;
  • Prepare and approve all contracts;
  • Provide counsel support upon requests on all contracts management issues and negotiations;
  • Manage the Secretariat of the Contracts Committee and issue an annual report on its activity.

To sum up, CPG’s goal is to pursue fewer, better suppliers that meet the global procurement needs of all internal clients in a timely, efficient and effective manner and at the best overall value for the Organisation. 

OECD is committed to a competitive, transparent and impartial procurement process, sourcing internationally where the type of product/service to be provided or the size of the contract warrent it. 

It expects its suppliers and their employees to meet the highest ethical, legal and moral standards in all business relationships.

OECD’s staff may not accept, directly or indirectly, any gratuity, gift, favour, entertainment, loan or anything of monetary value from anyone who wishes to obtain OECD business or with interests that may be substantially affected by any procurement awards.