Regulatory Policy: Belgium


Regulatory Policy and Governance in Belgium


The report Evolution des charges administratives fédérales: Rapport d'évaluation 2011 shows that administrative burdens have decreased in Belgium over the period 2008–11.  To view the full report published November 2012 in French or in Dutch, scroll down to "Mesurer les charges administratives".


Better Regulation in Europe: Belgium


The EU15 project has assessed capacities for effective regulatory management across the EU, through individual reviews of fifteen member states, covering half the OECD membership. The reports make up the Better Regulation in Europe series, carried out by the OECD in partnership with the European Commission. The project started in 2008. It culminated in a synthesis that highlighted key conclusions and mapped out a path for effective regulation in support of key public policy goals. 


Access the report: Better Regulation in Europe: Belgium.



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