OECD Territorial Reviews, Vienna-Bratislava, Austria/Slovak Republic (2003)


Encompassing the capitals of Austria and Slovakia and their conurbation, the Vienna-Bratislava metropolitan region is one of the focal points of European integration. Divided by a border that until a few years ago was the frontier between East and West Europe, the region faces complex challenges arising from expanding metropolitans and suburbs, superposed by the problem of cross-border integration. The future of Vienna-Bratislava depends on its ability to integrate both parts of the region while ensuring that convergence benefits the whole population. 

An essential complement to this study is the annex of comparison regions.  The annex includes the Liège-Maastricht-Aachen, Frankfurt (Oder)-Slubice and San Diego-Tijuana cross-border regions.


The entire study is available free of charge in electronic format.


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