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  • 11-July-2011


    Symposium “50 years OECD”

    Austria has always been a remarkable ally to the OECD. It was one of the Organisation’s 19 founding members. It has been a pathfinder in many policy areas and it played a key role in our 50th Anniversary celebrations, said Angel Gurría.

  • 11-July-2011


    Launch of the OECD Economic Survey of Austria 2011

    Austria should seize the opportunity provided by its robust, export-led recovery to strengthen spending reforms and reinforce domestic drivers of economic growth, said Angel Gurría.

  • 11-July-2011


    Austria: Strengthening domestic sources of growth would secure place as ‘Champions League’ economy

    Austria should eliminate subsidies which encourage early retirement and target social transfers more effectively, according to the OECD’s latest economic survey.

  • 1-July-2011

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    Overcoming School Failure: Policies that Work - Austria Country Report

    This project is organized to make the most of the OECD’s strengths—to provide a framework through which governments can compare experiences, seek responses to tackle common problems, and identify and share good practices.

  • 28-June-2011


    Education: Korea tops new OECD PISA survey of digital literacy

    Korea tops a new OECD PISA survey that tests how 15-year olds use computers and the Internet to learn. The next best performers were New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Hong-Kong China and Iceland.

  • 5-April-2011

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  • 10-March-2011


    7th Annual Meeting of the OECD LEED Forum on Partnerships and Local Governance (Vienna, Austria)

    How can local economic development projects integrate social and employment objectives? How can labour market policy support economic growth? Answers to this and other issues were discussed at the 7th Annual Meeting of the OECD LEED Forum on Partnerships and Local Governance.

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  • 1-February-2011

    English, PDF, 183kb

    Co-operative Research Programme Brochure for 2010-2015

    Agricultural research fellowship award grants and international conferences sponsorships of the Co-operative Research Programme (CRP): Biological Resource Management for Sustainable Agricultural Systems; advice for applicants for funding.

  • 17-September-2010


    Finance: review of causes and management of the crisis

    At the heart of the crisis are failures of financial regulation, of supervision, of risk management and of corporate governance.

  • 12-July-2010


    Wirtschaftskrise verschlechtert Arbeitsmarktchancen für Zuwanderer

    Internationaler Migrationsausblick zu Österreich: In Österreich hat die Wirtschaftskrise die Arbeitsmarktchancen für Zuwanderer deutlich stärker beeinflusst als für im Inland Geborene. Auch ist die Zahl der Einbürgerungen weiter zurückgegangen und liegt jetzt auf einem im OECD-Vergleich sehr niedrigen Niveau.

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