Environmental Performance Reviews: Australia (2008)


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ISBN: 9789264039605

Release: 19/03/08

This report examines Australia’s progress since the previous OECD Environmental Performance Review in 1998 and the extent to which the country is meeting its domestic objectives and international commitments regarding the environment and sustainable development. It also reviews progress in the context of the OECD Environmental Strategy, and compared to the recommendations of the previous OECD review.

This book is part of the OECD Environmental Performance Reviews Programme which conducts peer reviews of environmental conditions and progress in each member country. The analyses presented are supported by a broad range of economic and environmental data and lead to recommendations for further environmental and sustainable development progress.


Chapter 1. Conclusions and Recommendations
Part I - Environmental Management
Chapter 2. Water Management
Chapter 3. Nature and Biodiversity Management
Chapter 4. Air Quality Management
Part II - Sustainable Development
Chapter 5. Environmental-Economy Interface
Chapter 6. Agriculture and Environment
Chapter 7. Environmental-Social Interface
Part III - International Commitments
Chapter 8. International Commitments and Co-operation

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