Case Studies - 2010


A call for case stories was launched in July 2010. The objective was to probe deeper into aid-for-trade objectives, challenges and processes to acquire better knowledge about outcomes and impacts of aid for trade. The case stories offer an opportunity to share experiences about what is working (or not) at the national and regional level, why it is working (or not) and what improvements are needed.

Stories are categorised according to source country or institution. You can also consult case stories Case Stories by Reference Number or read the Compendium of Case Stories of received case stories.






Private sector



Academic/ NGOs

Trade Facilitation, Trade Costs and Inclusive Development: A Case Story of Attari-Wagah Border of India and Pakistan

Economic Empowerment through Trade: The Export of Peruvian Mangoes to Canada

The customs unification in Central America, based on the Mesoamérica Region Project

National Trade Intelligence Platform for Uruguay

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