Policy Briefs

  • 7-November-2011

    English, , 211kb

    Risk Management in Agriculture: What Role for Governments?

    Agricultural risk management policies should focus on catastrophic risks, according to this overview. Managing normal risk should be the preserve of farmers themselves, not of government policy.

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  • 29-June-2010

    English, , 190kb

    How Can Policy Underpin Farmers’ Risk Management Strategies?

    A background note on risk management in agriculture, prepared for the OECD Agriculture Ministerial Meeting in 2010.

  • 14-June-2010

    English, , 1,810kb

    Position Paper Israel- English

    The "Review of Agricultural Policies: Israel" assesses the performance of Israeli agriculture over the last two decades, evaluates Israeli agricultural policy reforms and provides recommendations for continuing t he reform process in the future.

  • 31-March-2010

    English, Excel, 1,757kb

    Agricultural Support: How Is It Measured and What Does It Mean?

    An OECD paper, free to download, explaining agricultural support.

  • 8-December-2005

    English, , 215kb

    Subsidies: A Way Towards Sustainable Fisheries?

    This Policy Brief presents the key findings from the Committee for Fisheries work on the impacts of financial support on the sustainable development of the fisheries sector.