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  • 12-March-2012


    Agriculture: More effective action needed to cut water pollution from farming

    OECD governments have made little overall progress in reducing water contamination from farming over the past decade. More rigorous policies are needed to reduce the use of pesticides and encourage sustainable management of water quality in agriculture.

  • 2-March-2012


    Agriculture: Focus on strategic agricultural investments to reduce poverty in developing countries, OECD says

    Agricultural policies to reduce poverty in developing countries should focus on strategic investments to raise productivity and benefit from high food prices, according to a new OECD study.

  • 23-February-2012


    Agriculture: Experts maintain commitment to expanding and updating tractor safety standards

    Experts, manufacturers and government officials meeting in Paris this week reaffirmed their commitment to maintaining safety standards in farm machinery by expanding and updating the OECD’s harmonised tests and codes.

  • 21-September-2011


    Agriculture: Support to agriculture at historic lows, OECD says

    Government support to agriculture in OECD countries fell to 18% of total farm receipts in 2010, a record low linked to high commodity prices, but has been rising in large emerging economies, according to a new OECD report.

  • 25-January-2011


    Food prices: tackle volatility with better functioning markets, says OECD’s Gurría

    Surging food and commodity prices are undermining efforts to tackle global poverty and hunger and threaten economic growth, said OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurría.

  • 26-February-2010


    Kommuniqué der Ministerinnen und Minister - Tagung des Landwirtschafts Ausschusses auf Ministerebene

    Politikgrundsätze für die Bereiche Ernährung und Landwirtschaft sowie Orientierungshilfen zur strategischen Ausrichtung der künftig von der OECD zu leistenden Arbeiten.

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  • 26-February-2010


    Communiqué from the Ministers - Meeting of the Committee for Agriculture at Ministerial Level

    Policy Principles for Food and Agriculture and Guidance Concerning the Strategic Orientation of Future Work to be Undertaken by OECD- (Text agreed by representatives of the OECD countries, the EU and of Chile, Estonia, Israel, Romania, the Russian Federation, and Slovenia).

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  • 15-February-2010


    OECD Agriculture Ministers to meet in Paris 25-26 February 2010 – press conference

    With billions more people to feed, world food production will have to rise by nearly 50 % in the next 20 years. The farming sector will also be faced with diminishing land and water resources and the impact of climate change.

  • 25-September-2009


    OECD-G20: International standards on structural policies key to emerging from crisis

    Secretary-General Gurría called for the need to agree on common international targets in areas such as innovation and green growth predicting "they could become the overarching umbrella for the G20 Framework’s structural agenda".Gurria's remarks to G20 leaders reflected the fact that the focus on structural policies will constitute the principal element of the OECD's contribution to future work on the G20 Framework Strong, Sustainable

  • 17-June-2009



    食料が生活必需品であることから、農業部門はグローバルな経済危機に対し他の産業よりも強い耐性を示しています。しかし、OECDと国連食糧農業機関(FAO)の新報告書『 Agricultural Outlook 2009-2018』によれば、今後景気低迷がさらに深刻化すればリスク上昇の可能性があります。

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