Best Practices / Guidelines

  • 24-April-2013

    English, PDF, 1,146kb

    Capacity Building in the OECD Seed Schemes

    Capacity building, where staff members of designated national certification and inspection authorities are trained in all aspects of the OECD Seed Schemes and their implementation and monitoring, ensures that only high quality seeds are traded internationally. This brochure offers comprehensive guidelines on capacity building activities in OECD Seed Scheme member and applicant countries.

  • 1-February-2012


    OECD Standard Codes for the Official Testing of Agricultural and Forestry Tractors - 2015

    OECD Standard Codes allow participating countries to perform tractor tests according to harmonised procedures, and to obtain OECD official approvals which facilitate international trade. They include the testing of tractor performance, driver safety and noise measurement.

  • 22-June-2010


    Guidelines for Cost-effective Agri-environmental Policy Measures

    A study of the design and implementation of environmental standards and regulations, taxes, payments, tradable permit schemes and other policy measures to address agri-environmental issues.

  • 24-February-2010

    English, , 573kb

    Information note for venue Busan, Korea 10-11 June 2010

    Information Note for Venue Busan Korea 10-11 June 2010

  • 6-February-2009


    Reducing Fishing Capacity: Best Practices for Decommissioning Schemes

    Vessel decommissioning schemes allow governments to adjust fishing capacity to match available fish resources. This report presents best practice guidelines on the design and implementation of such schemes.

  • 26-July-2007

    English, , 102kb

    OECD Scheme for forest reproductive material: rules and directions

    The OECD Scheme for the Control of Forest Reproductive Material Moving in International Trade.

  • 29-March-2007

    English, , 30kb

    Document to facilitate exchange of information on non-conformity of Fruit & Vegetables

    Document to facilitate exchange of information on non-conformity of Fruit & Vegetables

  • 29-March-2007

    English, , 107kb

  • 17-June-2002


    Guidelines for control plot test and field inspection of seed crops

    In addition to the rules and directions of the OECD Seed Schemes being obligatory for the certification process, the representatives of participating countries have developed "Guidelines" which provides information and propose practical methods t...

  • 6-September-2001


    Fruit and vegetables: standards applicable under the OECD scheme

    (The OECD standards are the same as the UN/ECE standards).