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OECD Workshop on the Disaggregated Impacts of CAP Reform, 10-11 March 2010


OECD Workshop on the Disaggregated Impacts of CAP Reform

OECD Conference Centre, Paris
10-11 March 2010

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Since 1992, the European Union has embarked on a series of reforms of the Common Agricultural Policy which have strengthened the role of markets in the sector. Over the years, market intervention has been reduced, including in the most regulated sectors like sugar and dairy products.

With recent reforms, most broad-based payments to producers are channeled through a single payment with no link to current production, while funds dedicated to specific objectives such as land management, environmental quality or rural viability are increasing.

The OECD regularly monitors and evaluates CAP changes, as part of an annual report covering agricultural policy changes in OECD countries. Major reforms are also the subject of specific analysis – for example, the 2003 CAP reform. In the same vein, an ongoing project takes stock of progress made over the years in reforming the CAP.

OECD tools for monitoring policies, such as indicators of supports and policy evaluation models, that cover the whole of the EU will be used. Other sources of information and analysis need to be used to understand the impacts of the CAP at a more disaggregated level.

This workshop presented the results of recent studies, some undertaken as part of EU research projects, that specifically look at the disaggregated impacts of the CAP. Recent changes such as decoupling, modulation, dairy and sugar reforms were also considered.  The different sessions covered national, regional and farm level impacts  on commodity markets, land markets, the agro-food industry, farms structure and performance, the distribution of support and income, the environment and rural development.

Material from the workshop will enrich the final report on the evaluation of CAP reforms.

 Presentations and papers

Sessions and related documents (papers and presentations) are listed below. The complete agenda is available here (pdf, 61 KB)


Session 1. Impact of decoupling on agricultural markets and farm performance

  • Impact of decoupling and modulation in the European Union: A sectoral and farm level assessment (Mark Brady) 
     - PowerPoint presentation (536 KB) 
     - Paper

  • Impact of partial decoupling on prices, production and farm revenues (Alan Renwick) 
     - PowerPoint presentation (1,590 KB)
     - Paper


Session 2. Impact of the Single Payment Scheme on land markets and farm structure

  • The functioning of land markets in the EU member states (Jo Swinnen)
     - PowerPoint presentation 
     - Paper

  • Impact of the Health Check on structural change and farm efficiency: A comparative assessment of three European agricultural regions (Filippo Arfini)
     - PowerPoint presentation (956 KB)
     - Paper


Discussant: Alfons Balmann, IAMO, Germany


Session 3. Impact of dairy reform

           - Paper

  • From the abolition of milk quotas to contracts between producers and processorsImplication for the dairy farmers’ in the West of France? (Baptiste Lelyon)
     - PowerPoint presentation (598 KB)
     - Paper 1 
     - Paper 2  


Session 4. Impact of CAP reform on the agro-food industry


Session 5. Impact of CAP reform on the distribution of support and income

  • Impacts of SPS implementation options on the distribution of support (Werner Kleinhanss)
     - PowerPoint presentation (921 KB)
     - Paper
  • The Health Check of the CAP in France: A significant redistribution of budgetary payments? (Le bilan de santé de la PAC en France : une profonde redistribution budgétaire?) (Vincent Chatellier, Herve Guyomard)
     - PowerPoint presentation (1,529 KB)
     - Paper

  • Distribution of Agricultural Support: selected french evidences (Pierre Boulanger)


Session 6. Impact of CAP reform on the environment


Session 7. Impact of CAP reform on rural development


  • Impacts of CAP reform on rural employment: A multi-modeling cross country approach 
    (Konstadinos Mattas)
     - PowerPoint presentation (1,664KB)
     - Paper

    Economic, social and environmental impact of modulation (Hans van Meijl) 
     - PowerPoint presentation
     - Paper

    Spatial structure of agricultural production in France: The role of the Common Agricultural Policy (Nejla Ben Arfa)
     - PowerPoint presentation
     - Paper


Discussant: Katarzyna Zawalinska


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