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The OECD has developed the Fisheries Support Estimate (FSE) database to measure fisheries support policies in a way that allows users to compare how fisheries supports differ between countries and evolve over time.

Governments provide support to the fisheries sector through a wide range of policies, including fisheries stock management, safe working environments for fishers, reducing fleet capacity and, in some cases, supporting fishers’ incomes.

Fisheries support is defined in the FSE as the annual monetary value of gross transfers to fishers from taxpayers, arising from policies that support fisheries, regardless of their objectives and their economic impacts. The objective of the FSE is to establish a common basis for policy dialogue among countries for the assessment of policy effectiveness and efficiency.

Most reported policies are directed towards general support of the sector, primarily management services and infrastructure investments. This support is included in the General Services Support Estimate (GSSE) part of the FSE. Support received directly by fishers mainly takes the form of income support and disaster assistance and is classified in the database as Transfers to Individual Fishers (TIF). 

Access the data

The FSE data can be accessed here: The FSE is updated each year.


FSE data

Notes and Sources: Missing figures for value of landings have been estimated using data from 'The 2016 Annual Economic Report on the EU Fishing Fleet ' (Belgium, France, Ireland, Latvia, Netherlands, Slovenia, United Kingdom) or in some cases simply carrying over the value of the previous year. The GSSE numbers reported here include estimations for management and enforcement expenditures, where missing. Further details on the estimation method used are provided in the text. Korea, Portugal and Mexico did not report any figure under the GSSE category so the numbers provided here reflect exclusively the estimations of management and enforcement expenditures.

Country files

Access country data for the Fisheries Support Estimate (in excel format), alongside PDFs of the programmes in place. The data can also be accessed through OECD.stat.


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