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Agro-Food Global Value Chains and Farm Policy: The Place of China



Beijing, China | 27 October 2016

New patterns in the organisation of global, regional and national value chains have changed the nature of production and specialisation across the world. Global Value Chains (GVCs) have contributed to the international fragmentation of production as countries and industries are increasingly contributing elements to a final product rather than completing the production activity solely within domestic boundaries. These changes have been most obvious in the manufacturing sector, but similar changes have taken place in agro-food sectors across the globe.

The main objective of this workshop, organised jointly by the Agricultural Trade Promotion Center of the Ministry of Agriculture (ATPC), the International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development (ICTSD) and the OECD, was to explore how government policies can best address the opportunities and challenges for economic actors within the agro-food sector that are created by evolving patterns in the structure of GVCs, with special attention paid to China's place within GVCs. It brought together Chinese policy makers, agricultural policy researchers, representatives of the OECD Secretariat, ICTSD, and other international organisations and OECD member countries.


Documents and presentations



Session I: Overview of agro-food GVCs

  • Landscape of global agro-food GVCs: The place of China- By Jared Greenville
  • Present situation of China's participation in agro-food GVCs- By Tian Weiming


Session II: What are the potential impacts of trade policy on GVC participation and development?

  • Getting the most from GVC participation- By Jared Greenville 
  • Global trade rules for today's agro-food economy: Towards more equitable and sustainable markets?- By Jonathan Hepburn
  • Enhancing GVC participation through reduction of trade costs: A focus on trade facilitation- By Silvia Sorescu


 Session III: Agro-food value chains and smallholder farmers

  • A rethink of agricultural trade rules- By Tang Zhong
  • Chinese farmers in global rubber value chain- By Jianchu Xu and Zhuangfang Yi


Session IV: Domestic agricultural policy reforms in China to improve the competitiveness of China's food and agricultural sectors

  • Overview of China's agricultural policies through the OECD's Producer Support Estimates- By Andrzej Kwiecinski and Florence Bossard
  • Status quo and outlook for China's agricultural policies- By Zhang Hongyu
  • Scenario of agricultural policy reform: Impact assessment based on OECD's PEM Model- By Shingo Kimura and Wusheng Yu
  • EU farm policy reform: Impact on agrofood- By Tassos Haniotis


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