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Managing water risks for agriculture: a discussion with the private sector



Paris, France | 4 November 2016

The OECD, in partnership with the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, organised a workshop with the private sector to discuss and advance solutions to improve the management of agricultural water risks. Agriculture is expected to face increasing water risks in the future, ranging from water shortages, to floods and water quality risks. These risks could affect agriculture production and productivity. The workshop discussed actions by the private agro-food sectors to respond to these challenges, from improving information on water risks to measures to reduce water risks on farm.

The objective of the workshop was to engage into a public-private discussion on future water risk assessment and innovative responses in the agro-food sector. The exercise strove to identify what agro-food companies consider as prevalent agricultural water risks and how they have acted against those risks. The workshop also discussed the interactions between agro-food companies and governments in this setting, with the aim of discussing the role of policies and identifying collaboration opportunities.


Documents and presentations




  • Presentation, Guillaume Gruère, OECD

Session 1: Agricultural water risk information: assessment, identification and disclosure

  • Mapping water risks, Rutger Hofste, Aqueduct team, World Resources Institute
  • Water risk identification, Dr Nicole Dando, Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)
  • Valuing every drop: Managing global water risks in the food sector, Eliza Roberts, Ceres

Session 2: Innovative and effective approaches to agricultural water risk management

  • Eltjo Ebbens, Martijn van der Heide and Stijn Reinhard
  • Marc van Rijselberghe, SaltFarm Texel

Session 3: Interactions with governments: what role for policies and collaboration?

  • Martijn van der Heide, Stijn Reinhard and Eltjo Ebbens


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For further information on this workshop please contact the Trade and Agriculture Directorate (OECD).


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