Call for applications

Call for applications for funding in 2021 - CLOSED

The call for applications for funding in 2021 is now closed. Thank you to everyone who has applied. All applicants will be informed of the outcome of their applications at the end of December 2020 or in early January 2021. Please note that if the current pandemic continues into 2021 and travel restrictions are subsequently imposed, successful conference sponsorships and fellowship awards will be honoured if they need to be postponed to later in 2021 or even 2022.

The next call for funding in 2022 will open in April 2021.

Please note the guidelines and conditions, selection criteria and research themes for funding for fellowship award and conference sponsorship below. Applications must be submitted through the appropriate online application forms which will be available once the campaign opens. Until then, PDF copies of the applications forms are provided to help prepare applications.

Applicants must be residents in one of the countries participating in our Programme. France will be a member of the CRP from 1 January 2021. 

Fellowship applications

Applications are invited from research scientists working in agriculture, forestry or fisheries and who would like to conduct research projects abroad, in another member country of the Co-operative Research Programme. The aim of the Research Fellowships is to strengthen the international exchange of ideas and increase international mobility and co-operation among scientists working in these areas. Previous research fellowships are available for review. Testimonials from past fellows and their hosts can also be reviewed below.

To apply for a Research Fellowship Award, please consult the following documents:


To apply, you must complete the following document:

  • Online application form for CRP Research Fellowships (not available yet)

Conference applications

Applications are invited from research scientists working in agriculture, forestry or fisheries for funding towards a conference (or workshop, symposium, etc) to take place in a member country of the Co-operative Research Programme. The aim of the Conference Sponsorship scheme is to inform policy makers, industry and academia of current and future research, scientific developments and opportunities in these areas. Previous conferences are available for review. Testimonials from past organisers and participants can also be reviewed below.

News flash: It is now possible to apply for conference sponsorship of digitally held conferences and workshops. See the Guidelines and Conditions for CRP Conference Sponsorship and the Step-by-Step Guide for conference applications.

To apply for conference sponsorship, please consult the following documents:


To apply, you must complete the following document:

  • Online application form for CRP Conference Sponsorship (not available yet)


Former fellows, hosts, organisers and participants of conferences gave their feedback on fellowships and conferences funded by the Co-operative Research Programme.


Comments from research fellows

“The OECD Co-operative Research Programme can certainly increase my career opportunities. First, an overseas stay represents always a great opportunity to learn and increases the motivation towards developing new scientific challenges. Secondly, an overseas stay allows the establishment of closer scientific links with other researchers working in the same area or complementary areas. This is finally leading to the possibility of preparing collaborative projects from a broader and more multidisciplinary approach.” Spanish fellow who undertook a fellowship in Canada in 2013

"[The fellowship] was excellent and made possible contacts and connections that would not have been possible otherwise! The research opportunity was great but the opportunity to attend meetings and meet with future European collaborators was the best." US fellow who undertook a fellowship in Germany in 2015

"I found the Fellowship programme helpful and rewarding and the process dealing with the OECD very smooth." New Zealand fellow who undertook a fellowship in Chile in 2014


Comments from host laboratory collaborators

“I believe this fellowship has moved our research forward to a significant degree, and it has widened the horizons for productive collaborative work for the foreseeable future.” US host laboratory supervisor hosting a Danish fellow in 2014

“This was a great opportunity for our Institute to build a network with Japan and [the fellow] was a great ambassador.” Dutch host laboratory supervisor hosting a Japanese fellow in 2009

"The experience and opportunity to work with a colleague with whom you have worked with, but never met, was amazing. I feel that this has strengthened our research and collaboration. Thanks to the OECD, this became possible." US host laboratory supervisor hosting a Spanish fellow in 2015


Comments from conference organisers

“Both the scientific and policy contributors are enthusiastic about our approach to arrange meetings on the crossroads of science and policy dealing with soil – but organised around global themes like Water Resources, Food Security and Climate Change – as is shown by their willingness to participate in the organisation of the 2nd edition of the Wageningen Soil Meeting to be held in 2015 (the International Year of the Soils)”. Organisers of the “Soil Science in a Changing World” conference, Wageningen, Netherlands, September 2011

“…if all the stars align and this works, the modest investment made by the OECD CRP for this workshop will have directly and tangibly facilitated introduction into the market of an important veterinary vaccine within months, not years, of the workshop. For this we are very grateful to the OECD.” Organisers of the conference “Plant-made vaccines as an alternative to antibiotics: countering antimicrobial resistance to veterinary bacterial diseases and ensuring human food safety”, London, Ontario, Canada, September 2013


Comments from conference participants

“To come together in such meetings is also important since the scientific challenges and the knowledge required to address them goes beyond the research and financial capacity of any individual wheat research team and for global wheat research community, co-operation is absolutely essential. The OECD CRP sponsored session has facilitated such meetings and discussions and I have talked with various groups, including from Japan, that may lead to interesting and relevant research programs which could have substantial impact.” Participant from CIMMYT at 12th International Wheat Symposium, Yokohama, Japan, September 2012

"The workshop more than met my expectations. The keynote address and breakout sessions flowed well to give an overarching view of the relevance of soil change to society, science community and policy. In my breakout session we were able to have a robust conversation about monitoring and management of databases from the individual small research project to funding of national programs." Participant from the conference “Soil Change Matters”, Bendigo, Australia, March 2014

"I was able to find some new approaches for my research and made some useful contacts with people working on relevant fields." Participant from the “International Symposium of Animal Functional Genomics”, Piacenza, Italy, July 2015