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The OECD Standard Codes for the Official Testing of Agricultural and Forestry Tractors allow for the 26 participating countries to perform tractor tests according to harmonised procedures, and to obtain OECD official approvals which facilitate international trade. They include the testing of tractor performance, driver safety (protective cabs or frames) and noise measurement. More ...

Standard codes



Video: OECD Standard Codes maintain tractor safety and performance standards.

Test reports and results




  • The Annual Meeting of the OECD Tractor Codes will be held on 26-27 February 2015 at the OECD Conference Centre in Paris.



Also of interest

  • For the 50th Anniversary of OECD, the Chair of the OECD Tractor Codes provides his views on past, present and future of the activity in the 2011 special edition of the Codes and Schemes brochure: Statement by the Chair, OECD Tractor Codes


OECD Bureau for Tractors

  • Chair: Mr. Hasan Silleli - Turkey
  • Vice Chair: Mr. Sandro Liberatori - Italy
  • Vice Chair: Mr. Thierry Langle - France



Mr. Michael Ryan, Head of OECD Agricultural Codes & Schemes

Mr. Jose Brambila-Macias, Administrator for the OECD Tractor Codes