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  • 16-July-2003


    Agricultural Policies in OECD Countries: Monitoring and Evaluation 2003 - Highlights

    These Highlights are from the 16th edition of Agricultural Policies in OECD Countries: Monitoring and Evaluation.

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  • 6-March-2003


    Farm Household Income: Issues and Policy Responses

    In most OECD countries, farm household incomes figure prominently among the wide and growing range of concerns described as motivating policy interventions in agriculture.

  • 23-January-2003


    Agricultural Trade and Poverty: Making Policy Analysis Count - January 2003

    One in five of the world's population live in extreme poverty, with a per capita income of less than a dollar a day.

  • 12-December-2002


    Agricultural Policies in OECD Countries: a Positive Reform Agenda

    OECD analysis has provided ample evidence of the shortcomings that plague many current farm policies. This report takes the next step and suggests where to go from here. It shows that countries can reap the gains of market-orientation and open tr...

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  • 30-October-2002


    Agricultural Polices in Transition Economies: Trends in Policies and Support, 2002 - October 2002

    Analysis in this tenth edition of Agricultural Policies in Transition Economies: Trends in Policies and Support demonstrates that the transition has brought about a notable overall reduction in the policy distortions in the agricultural sectors of the countries covered.

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  • 3-September-2001


    Agricultural Policies in Emerging and Transition Economies: Special focus on non-tariff measures 2001 - September 2001

    The recorded use of non-tariff measures (NTMs) on food and agricultural products -- such as plant and animal health requirements and technical regulations -- has risen rapidly in recent years.

  • 14-May-2001


    OECD Study Recommends More Effective Approaches to Environmentally Sustainable Growth

    Common environmental objectives in most OECD countries include clean air, clean water, reductions in toxic emissions and household waste and the conservation of natural resources. From prohibitions and technical standards to tradable permits, tax...

  • 14-March-2001


    China's Agriculture in the International Trading System - March 2001

    Chinese decision-makers are grappling with policy choices that will optimise the gains from China’s integration into the international trading system in harmony with social, regional and sustainable development goals.

  • 13-January-2000


    The Agro-Food Processing Sector in China: Developments and Policy Challenges - January 2000

    China’s food processing sector has arrived at a decisive stage.

  • 31-August-1999


    Agriculture in China and OECD Countries: Past Policies and Future Challenges - August 1999

    The pace of growth in China's agricultural sector is remarkable. Over the past 20 years, food production has outpaced population growth, and enhanced the nutritional status of a billion people.

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