Agricultural policies and support

Agricultural Policy Design and Implementation: A Synthesis


Are current agricultural policies based on measurable objectives? Is the current policy set adequately addressing stated objectives? What could an improved agricultural policy set look like and how to get onto a reform trajectory?


These are some of the questions addressed in this booklet which draws on several projects that were undertaken in recent years under the auspices of the OECD Committee for Agriculture and summarizes practical recommendations concerning the pathway to agricultural policy reform. It presents operational characteristics of the policy set that would best achieve domestic policy objectives while minimising distortions and spillovers in international trade.


Agricultural Policy Design and Implementation: A Synthesis is available in PDF format


Table of Contents

- The Positive Agenda for Policy Reform
- The Policy Cycle
- What are the Policy Objectives?
- Do Current Policies Meet Objectives?
- What are the Characteristics of a New Policy Set?
- How to Implement New Policies?
- How to Monitor and Evaluate?
- Conclusions: What Have We Learned About How to Implement the Positive Reform Agenda?
- References


Further Reading

Decoupling. Policy Implications (OECD 2006)

Agricultural Policies in OECD countries. A Positive Reform Agenda (OECD 2002)




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