• Africa Forum 2014

    The Africa Forum is hosted every year at the OECD for policy makers, private sector representatives, academics and civil society leaders to debate the performance of African economies and the challenges ahead. The 2014 edition focuses on the pan-African agenda of economic and social transformation.

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  • Sahel and West Africa

    Members of the Food Crisis Prevention Network (RPCA) will discuss the 2013-2014 agro-pastoral campaign, the food and nutritional status and propose measures to address any localised crises. The RPCA will also host the Senior Experts' Group of the Global Alliance for Resilience (AGIR) which will take stock of the progress made in identifying national resilience priorities of Sahelian and West African countries.

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  • New evidence on Africa’s integration into global value chains

    This year’s African Economic Outlook shows that Africa’s integration into global value chains is greater than one might have expected—in fact, Africa is the world’s third most GVC-integrated region, ahead of North America and South East Asia.

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(For an overview of our work with North Africa, see here).

"Africa is beginning to realise more and more its great economic and social potential. Several African countries have been growing faster than OECD countries in the past few years. With an emerging middle class, a new generation of innovative entrepreneurs, increasing school enrolment and significant advancement in the use of information and telecommunications technologies (ICT), Africa is beginning to reap the benefits of deeper integration into the world economy"

Angel Gurría
OECD Secretary-General

Investment Initiative

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