Work accidents


These judgments concern work accidents:

  • No. 56: 30 March 2004 (PDF, 160kb) - The applicant challenged the decision to terminate her appointment following the suppression of her post and in the absence of any suitable vacant post.
  • No. 67: 23 March 2010 (PDF, 212kb) - The applicant alleged that the decision not to renew her contract was tainted by discrimination based on the state of her health.  The Tribunal discussed the admissibility of the application.
  • No. 68: 15 March 2011 (PDF, 232kb) - The applicant, whose fixed-term appointment came to an end while her health condition resulting from a work-accident was not settled,  asks the Tribunal  to annul the decision of the Secretary-General rejecting her request for renewal of her appointment and to grant her payment of her salary for the period comprised between the end of her contract and the date of consolidation of her state of health. She also claims damages on the basis of the financial, physical and moral injuries caused.
  • No. 70: 26 March 2012 (PDF, 221kb) - The applicant – the same as in Case No. 68 – claims damage, in addition to the indemnities already received in respect of injuries following a work accident, on the basis of the financial, physical and moral injuries caused by the Organisation whose negligence would have prevented the applicant from rapid recovery.
  • No. 71: 28 March 2012 (PDF, 113kb) - The applicant – the same as in Case No. 67– challenged the Secretary-General’s decision to prevent her from accessing the Joint Advisory Board given her former position of Deputy Secretary-General.


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