These judgments concern resignation:

  • No. 31: 18 June 1998 (PDF, 164kb) - Following an altercation between colleagues outside work premises, the applicant resigned, alleging that the Organisation had failed in its duty of protection and requesting compensation for material and moral prejudice.
  • Nos. 43-46: 16 March 2000 (PDF, 181kb) - Four officials of the International Energy Agency challenged the refusal of their applications to benefit from the Special Departure and Renewal Programme.
  • No. 51: 21 December 2001 (PDF, 103kb) - The applicant decided not to seek renewal of his contract because the Secretary-General refused to withdraw a letter reprimanding him for his professional conduct, a letter to which wide publicity had been given. He then asked the Tribunal to consider his resignation as equivalent to unfair dismissal.