Jurisdictional immunity


These judgments concern jurisdictional immunity:

  • No. 60: 7 March 2006 (PDF, 102kb) - The applicant challenged the Secretary-General’s invocation of jurisdictional immunity for three officials against whom the applicant had brought criminal proceedings in the French courts. The Tribunal discussed whether it had jurisdiction to hear the application.
  • No. 69: 24 March 2011 (PDF, 236kb) - Having unsuccessfully challenged the Secretary-General’s decision not to renew her consultancy appointment before French courts, the applicant asks the Tribunal to make use of Article 4 of the Rules of Procedure, allowing it, “in exceptional cases”, to declare admissible an application filed after expiry of the time limit. She also claims the payment of various sums to compensate her for the prejudice resulting from the end of her appointment.