These judgments concern invalidity:

  • No. 18: 10 February 2007 (PDF, 117kb) - The applicant requested a capital sum in addition to an invalidity pension and asked for a new meeting of the Invalidity Board to be held in conditions guaranteeing compliance with the principles of law applicable.
  • No. 21: 25 June 1997 (PDF, 109kb) - The applicant, whose post had been suppressed and who was offered an invalidity pension, no causal link between the two having been established, asked for a letter of apology and for compensation for moral prejudice.
  • No. 35: 21 June 1999 (PDF, 212kb) - In a case involving occupational exposure to asbestos, the Tribunal had to decide which rules were applicable and whether the Organisation was guilty of intentional or inexcusable negligence.
  • No. 36: 21 June 1999 (PDF, 176kb) - The applicant asked for compensation for the moral prejudice he claimed to have suffered by reason of his apprehension about the presence of asbestos in the Organisation’s premises.
  • No. 38: 21 June 1999 (PDF, 193kb) - Given the doubt arising from the opinion of the Medical Board about whether the applicant, who had been occupationally exposed to asbestos, was entitled to an invalidity pension, the Tribunal ordered a new expert appraisal.
  • No. 38 (continuation): 14 March 2000 (PDF, 152kb) - Following the new expert appraisal ordered by the Tribunal in Case No. 38, the Tribunal had to decide whether the applicant met the conditions of entitlement to an invalidity pension.
  • No. 63: 24 February 2009 (PDF, 238kb) - The applicant asked for compensation for the prejudice she claimed to have suffered as a result of harassment and of decisions refusing her requests for promotion. The Tribunal discussed the admissibility of the application.