Expatriation allowance


These judgments concern expatriation allowance:

  • No. 23: 25 June 1997 (PDF, 62kb) - The applicant challenged the refusal to grant her the expatriation allowance based on her length of residence in France at the date of her current (not first) appointment.
  • No. 27: 15 December 1997 (PDF, 157kb) - The applicant, basing her argument on the definition of “residence”, challenged the Organisation’s refusal to grant her the expatriation allowance. 
  • No. 93: 26 October 2020 (PDF, 237kb) - The applicant asks the Administrative Tribunal to annul the decision of the Secretray-General refusing her the benefit of family allowances and the expatriation allowance, and that a payment be made for the amount she should have perceived. The Applicant seeks as well these allowances to be granted and the payment of an amount as a result of these proceedings.