These judgments concern discipline:

  • No. 29: 27 March 1998 (PDF, 170kb) - The applicant, who had been suspended first with, then without pay, challenged the disciplinary proceedings on the ground that the adversarial principle had been breached.
  • No. 47: 16 June 2000 (PDF, 143kb) - The applicant challenged the Secretary-General’s decision to suspend her on salary pending completion of a disciplinary action for a service-connected fault.
  • No. 51: 21 December 2001 (PDF, 103kb) - The applicant decided not to seek renewal of his contract because the Secretary-General refused to withdraw a letter reprimanding him for his professional conduct, a letter to which wide publicity had been given. He then asked the Tribunal to consider his resignation as equivalent to unfair dismissal.

  • No. 53: 18 April 2002 (PDF, 167kb) - The applicant, who had refused to take up duty in the post to which she was transferred, challenged the resulting decision to dismiss her. The Tribunal discussed the admissibility of some of the submissions.


  • No. 58: 7 April 2005 (PDF, 137kb) - The applicant challenged the Secretary-General’s decision to suspend him with pay pending the outcome of disciplinary proceedings.

  • No. 59: 17 March 2005 (PDF, 80kb) - The applicant challenged the Secretary-General’s decision to issue him with a warning following an altercation on the Organisation’s premises between the applicant and an employee of an outside firm.

  • No. 61: 7 March 2006 (PDF, 267kb) - The applicant – the same as in Case No. 58 - challenged the Secretary-General’s decision to dismiss him for misconduct. The Tribunal also had to assess the amount of damages flowing from the Judgment in Case No. 58.


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