Adjustment of salaries/pensions


These judgments concern the adjustment of salaries/pensions:

  • Nos. 24-25: 25 June 1997 (PDF, 117kb) - The applicants alleged that the Council Decision postponing the adjustment of salaries/pensions on the grounds of “exceptional budgetary constraints” in the Organisation was illegal.
  • No. 50: 8 March 2001 (PDF, 168kb) - The applicant, a pensioner, challenged the application of the “affordability” clause to the adjustment of his pension.
  • No. 66: 12 April 2010 (PDF, 275kb) - The applicant challenged the decision of the Joint Pensions Administrative Section to reduce the household allowance of his OECD pension on the ground that he was also receiving a pension, including household allowance, from the Council of Europe Bank.