Office of the Secretary General

Masato Hayashikawa


Masato Hayashikawa is an Advisor to the Secretary General.

In this capacity, Masato works directly with the Secretary-General to achieve his strategic objectives with a particular focus on public governance, corporate governance, responsible business conduct, due diligence, competition, investment, anti-corruption and integrity, urban policy and regional development, gender equality, OECD work with parliamentarians, as well as on matters related to OECD member and partner countries in East and Southeast Asia, MENA and Latin America.

For nearly two decades Masato has worked in the field of international co-operation and policy analysis, and have experience that spans both programme design and implementation at field level in Asia and Africa, and advisory, research and policy work at headquarters level, both for a leading bilateral donor agency (JICA) and for the OECD. He has published papers in academic journals and has authored and co-authored numerous OECD publications.

Masato holds PhD in governance from Keio University in Japan.


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