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  • Consult the What's New Librarians' Edition of What's New.
  • Through August 2013 there were almost 5 million downloads from the OECD iLibrary, including over 3.25 million downloads of books and their component chapters and tables, 1.3 million working papers, over 80,000 journal issues and articles, over 421,000 key tables, and over 150,000 other statistical downloads. 


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The OECD iLibrary Terms and Conditions are now available..


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OECD Factbook 2013 now available as an iPhone application!

  • The OECD's statistical yearbook presenting time series of key indicators representing the full range of policy areas covered by the OECD is now available as an iPhone application.
  • The online version available at enables easier navigation between tables and graphs, their underlying Excel™ files, and information on the data than in the normal PDF.  
  • In print form, it includes Statlinks for all graphs and tables.


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