June 2013
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OECD Forum 2013 - Jobs, Equality and Trust
OECD Forum 2013 This year's OECD Forum addressed the three key themes of jobs, equality and trust. The Forum brought together leading thinkers from diverse sections of the policy making community who, over two days and 27 sessions, put forward and debated proposals for a more inclusive and sustainable global economy. If you weren't able to attend, or if you'd just like to watch the sessions again, visit the Forum website, where all webcasts are available. You can also read the highlights of the discussions here. Next year's OECD Forum will take place on 5-6 May in Paris.
PISA for parents
PISA for parentsOECD PISA for Parents, a new OECD Facebook page, provides parents with a look inside the OECD Programme for International Student Assessment, a worldwide study that measures 15-year-olds' real-world skills in reading, mathematics and science. The page takes the mystery out of PISA, makes sense of its results and shines a light on what it means for parents and their teens.
OECD Global Youth Video Competition 2013
Global Youth Video CompetitionFor the 3rd OECD Global Youth Video Competition we asked 18 to 25 year olds to share with us their thoughts and views on how to approach economic and societal challenges and how they would shape tomorrow's global economy. The winning videos "Measuring values", "Our Future is Convergence" and "Youth and Community Empowerment" (from Korea and Indonesia) can be watched here.
Greening Economies in the Eastern Neighbourhood
Greening EconomiesThis regional programme aims to promote green growth in six countries of the Eastern Partnership (EaP): Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Republic of Moldova and Ukraine. The goal is to help decouple economic growth from environmental degradation and resource depletion. Principally financed by the European Union, it will be implemented by the beneficiary countries with support from the OECD, UNECE, UNEP and UNIDO. Civil society organisations will be involved in national-level activities.
Public consultation on Regulatory Enforcements and Inspections
Regularoty EnforcementsThe OECD is launching a public consultation on Best Practice Principles for Improving Regulatory Enforcement and Inspections. We are looking for feedback by 31 August, on a document aiming to address key issues of what is the base for effective and efficient regulatory enforcement and inspections. More information here.
Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises website
Guidelines Multinational EnterprisesThe OECD launched a website on the Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, the most comprehensive set of government-backed recommendations on responsible business conduct in existence today. The website incorporates a database of the specific instances, or complaints submitted by civil society, trade unions or others through the Guidelines' unique complaint mechanism, which offers parties in dispute with mediation facilities. The database provides access to information about all specific instances treated by National Contact Points since their introduction in 2000.
Better Life Index 3.0
BLIThe OECD has launched a 3.0 version of its pioneering Better Life Index, an online, interactive tool that allows people to create their own index according to their priorities in 11 areas that the OECD has identified as essential for well-being. The updated version contains the latest underlying statistics, country data, user findings and, in addition to the English, French and Russian versions, the Index has now been translated into Spanish.
Civil Society and OECD - recent meetings
Several meetings involving civil society have taken place since March. You can find more details here.
OECD Forum Partner events
Find more details about OECD Forum Partner events here.

June 2013

OECD "side event" on climate finance in the margins of the international climate negotiations in Bonn. The event is open to all participants registered for the climate negotiations. Discussions will cover new and innovative instruments to mobilise climate finance; climate finance effectiveness and tracking climate finance. Analysis is available at this site.
Trade in value-added – The true value of global trade and interdependence. Workshop, European Policy Centre (Brussels)
Speakers: Ken Ash, Director for Trade and Agriculture, OECD
Peter Balas, Deputy Director General for Trade, European Commission
Global Forum on Responsible Business Conduct. It will address high-level systematic approaches to responsible business conduct and identify priority areas for future action. Special attention will be given to challenges of the financial and extractive sectors, with two additional events planned on disclosure and reporting and the ICT sector.
Trade for Growth Corporate Governance in Asia Society at a Glance Pisa 2009
Green Growth at the Heart of Development Economic Outlook African Economic Outlook 2013 Interconnected economies
Water and Sanitation Innovative and open government Doing Better for Families Naturalisation
Green Growth in cities Tax and Development Teachers for the 21st Century
Guidelines on Measuring Subjective Well-being
  This Newsletter has been prepared by the Public Affairs Division of the OECD for the purpose of informing the public of OECD co-operation with civil society. The Public Affairs Division acts as a clearing house for information about OECD dialogue with civil society. OECD staff who are in contact with civil society through consultations, workshops or other activities contribute to this newsletter. Contact us at: civilsociety@oecd.org