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We help developing countries and emerging economies find innovative policy solutions to promote sustainable growth, reduce poverty and inequalities, and improve people’s lives. We facilitate a policy dialogue between governments, involving public, private and philanthropic actors. Countries from Africa, Asia and Latin America participate as full members in the Centre, where they interact on an equal footing with OECD members.

Multi-dimensional Review of Peru - Volume 3. From Analysis to Action

Peru has experienced remarkable socio-economic progress over the last two decades, but the country should face challenges to avoid various development traps

Revenue Statistics in Asian and Pacific Economies 2019

Tax-to-GDP ratios across the 17 countries covered in this report varied considerably, ranging from 11.5% in Indonesia to 32.0% in New Zealand

Economic Outlook for Southeast Asia, China and India 2019 - Update

This update focuses on smart cities, discussing in particular smart city strategies and urban environmental risks

International Economic Forum on Latin America and the Caribbean

The LAC Forum 2019 focused on the relationship between inequalities and technologies and shared best practices towards more inclusive societies within the countries of the region

Latin American Economic Outlook 2019

Socio-economic progress in Latin America and the Caribbean since the beginning of the century has strengthened the macroeconomic situations of individual countries, improved living standards, and mitigated poverty and inequality

Social Institutions and Gender Index 2019

The most comprehensive global database of discriminatory laws and social norms hampering gender equality has just been updated. With 120 countries ranked, 180 country notes and a new policy reform simulator

Development in Transition

There is more to development than income levels. What are the implications? Development in transition is about rethinking development, reshaping international co-operation and improving lives

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About the Development Centre

The Development Centre occupies a unique place within the OECD and in the international community. It is a forum where countries come to share their experience of economic and social development policies. The Centre contributes expert analysis to the development policy debate. The objective is to help decision makers find policy solutions to stimulate growth and improve living conditions in developing and emerging economies.

The Development Centre membership is open to both OECD and non-OECD countries. Members set the Programme of Work and Budget of the Centre through its Governing Board and finance the Centre. The Centre co-operates closely with the other parts of the OECD - particularly those also working on development - and the Development Assistance Committee (DAC).
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The creation of the OECD Development Centre was proposed by US President John F. Kennedy in an address to the Canadian Parliament in Ottawa on 17 May 1961.