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  • Vaccines: Why international co-operation is so important

    OECD Forum 2020

    Join our OECD Forum discussion today! The development of an effective vaccine against Covid-19 would be a milestone, but with the journey far from over. To beat the pandemic, what must the international community do to make sure the vaccine is rolled out widely and made available to everyone who needs it?

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  • AI: Follow the debate

    iHuman AI documentary image

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is advancing fast. How will this powerful technology shape our future? Catch up with the OECD AI Observatory ( online discussion 17 Nov about issues raised in a new documentary film iHUMAN. It's not too late to contribute your views.

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  • Coronavirus hub data insights

    OECD indicator on health spending, G7, 2018 or latest year available.

    Healthcare spending, healthcare use, hospital stays, vaccination rates, doctor consultations, and more. Find OECD data for your country, with dynamic charts, maps, tables and related publications at

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  • Health essentials from OECD iLibrary


    "What role might the social outcomes of education play during the COVID-19 lockdown?", “Health for Everyone?: Social Inequalities in Health and Health Systems”; "Taxing Wages”. For these reports and more, including working papers, journals and articles, visit OECD iLibrary.

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